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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

blog 3 flora and fauna

"Saturday Morning" 25.09.2010. 9:10AM, Rexburg,ID. f/8. 1/800sec.
For this picture I liked the depth of field and the detial shown on this plant

"Summer" 25.09.2010. 9:25AM, Rexburg,ID, f/8, 1/500sec.
I love flowers. I thought this had a good focus and I enjoyed the background to this. I didn't use any editiing for this photo.

"Pretty Lady" 25.09.2010. 9:17AM. Rexburg,ID. f/8. 1/320sec.
This is a ladybug. I enjoyed the colors that are shown.

"Simple". 25.09.2010. 9:07AM. Rexburg, ID. f/8. 1/500sec.
I didn't use any editiing for this photo. I didn't think that it really needed it

EDITS blog 3

"Pennies" 25.09.2010. 9:22AM. Rexburg,ID. f/9. 1/500secs.

For this picture I added a bubble-ish layer. I then used the mask for the sky so it still looks just as blue.

"Apples" 25.09. 2010. 4:10PM. Apple Orchard. f/8. 1/60sec.

For this filter effect I decided to use a the brush filter along with the wallpaper effect. I used the mask lightly on the focused apple.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blog 2: Color Study. edited.

This picture was originally colored. I added the photo filter, adjusted the exposure, hue/saturation and lightness.
This is one of my layering photos. I changed the brightness/contrast and vibrant.
This photo I took in a graveyard in Sugar City. There were a lot of these War badges standing up. I loved the green color of the tree with the contrast of the brown/bronzyish color.
This is my other layered photo with Type. I wasn't really sure how I could layer this picture, but when I found this tile I thought it would go perfect!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Blog 2: non.Edited

"Peace with edits" 18.9.2010. 11:20am. Sugarcity. ID. f/8. 1/80 sec.
"greener grass" 18.9.2010. canonpowershotsd75011:08am. Sugarcity, ID. f/8. 1/400sec
"gold" 18.9.2010. 11:39am. Sugarcity,ID. f/8 1/320 sec
"Sammys"17.09.2010. canonpowershotsd750. rexburg,id. f/8. 1/500.

"Bethy" 18.9.2010. 11:28am. Sugarcity,ID. f/8 1/320 sec.

"Zebra". 17.9.2010. pm. Rexburg,ID. f/8. 1/1000 sec.
"Peace" 18.9.2010. 11:20am. Sugarcity. ID. f/8. 1/80 sec.

"America" 18.9.2010. 11:18am. Sugarcity, ID. f/8. 1/400sec

"Home". 17.9.2010. 5:06pm. Rexburg,ID. f/2.8. 1/200sec.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blog 1

United: 07-28-10; 5:36p.m. Pocatello-ID
This photo was taken in Pocatello, Idaho.
 It was on the top of Scout Mountain.
 For editing I enhanced the coloring.

The End: 08-30-10; 5:49p.m. Carson City-NV
I took this photo in Carson City, Nevada. I loved Carson City, going there I was expecting a big Chicago.
I feel like this picture capture the feeling of Carson City; a small quaint town. With editing, I changed a few of the coloring.

Love: 08-30-10; 2:29p.m. Lake Tahoe-NV
This photograph was taken this summer. I loves shown. The water reminded me of the Caribbean. The editing done in this photo is the coloring with the trees.

LaJolla: 01-29-10; 4:16p.m. San Diego-California
I took this picture when I was living in San Diego for a short time during the winter. I think the reason I loved this picture was because it was taken during January. I didn't do any editing to this photograph.  

Wish: 06-28-10; 8:26p.m. Rexburg-ID
This picture was originally colored and I changed it to black and white.
 I also cropped the photograph as well.