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Brigham Young University- Idaho is located in Rexburg, Idaho, only minutes away from outdoor recreation locations. Rexburg has a population of about 26,000 people with an additional 13,000 BYU-Idaho students. Rexburg as well as surrounding areas provide a plethora of services, recreation and ways for the students to gain personal exhilarating experiences.
Brigham Young University-Idaho started as a small academy growing eventually into a University. On Nov. 12, 1888, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints created an academy in Rexburg, Idaho. A few teachers were called to provide the basics in education and spiritual growth. Elder Henry B. Eyring became president of rick college in 1971. Although Elder Henry B. Eyring was not president during the transition, his prior education and experiences made certain of the colleges successful transition from a junior college to the nation’s largest private two-year college. On June 11, 2009, The Church announced that the former Ricks College would change from a two-year junior college to a four-year university. August 10, 2001, the school became known as Brigham Young University- Idaho.
The mission of Brigham Young University- Idaho is to:
·         Build testimonies of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and encourage living its principles
·         Provide a quality education for students of diverse interest and abilities
·         Prepare students for lifelong learning, for employment, and for their roles as citizens and parents
·         Maintain a wholesome academic, cultural, social and spiritual environment
There are a variety of majors Brigham Young University-Idaho offers, involvement on campus is encouraged and the Honor Code is enforced by students as well as faculty.
BYU-Idaho offers over 74 majors. The Career and Academic Advising Center on campus is there to help guide individuals on the right path of education as well as career choices. There is opportunity to create a four-year plan which ensures graduating within a reasonable time. Student/teacher ratio is 19/1. Each class is started with a prayer and in some cases, a hymn as well.
There are many different activities, organizations, clubs and sports to be involved in, becoming involved is encouraged and simple. The school focuses on student-led activities, events and organizations. As one engages themselves, leadership and directing skills are learned through hands on experience. Pres. Kim B. Clarke said, “These student-led programs have proven to prepare students to be better leaves in the home, church, and the community as well as in the work place. Ultimately, student-led programs teach students how to be Christ-like leaders and to serve with love.”
If you have any questions regarding tuition, on-campus/off-campus housing, classes offered, how to apply, deadlines, scholarships, or campus visits, please call (208) 496-2411 or visit .