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Thursday, November 11, 2010


"Streak."Rexburg,ID. 09.11.2010. 11:07pm. canonpowershotsd750. 1.0sec. f/2.8.
This is my moving light example. I had a hard time taking this because it was so cold outside and the only moving light I could think of was cars...I'm sure I would have gotten a better one if I had been in busier part of Rexburg...or anywhere else... The edits I did for this photo, I edited in camera raw and adjusted the blacks, brightness, contrast and clarity.

"please"Rexburg,ID. 09.11.2010. 11:06pm. canonpowershotsd750. 10.0sec. f/2.8.
This is another example of light painting. I added quite a few edits for this photo. I opened it in camera raw and added some exposure, recovery, fill light, blacks and clarity and took away some contrast. I just thought it looked better this way than the original photo.

"love"Rexburg,ID. 09.11.2010. 10:56pm. canonpowershotsd750. 10.0sec.f/2.8.
This picture is a demostration of light painting. The edits I did for this picture, I opened it up in camera raw and just adjusted the clarity and added a little bit of blacks.

"heart in motion" Rexburg,ID. 09.11.2010. 10:59pm. canonpowershotsd750. 3.2sec. f/2.8.
This is my camera in motion picture. I didn't do any editing to this picture, but I did rotate it. I kept trying to make a heart and every time I tried, all of the good hearts were upside I just rotated the pic!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


"mom&b"30.10.2010. saltlakecity. canonpowershotsd750. 1:01pm. 1/320sec. f/4.0
Full cutout

"mr.cannon" 30.10.2010. saltlakecity. canonpowershotsd750. 12:06pm. 1/160sec. f/4.9.

partial cutout

I didn't do any editing with colors or contrast ect. with either of these photos before or after I applied the cutout effect. I tried for the partial cutout a different picture, it was a peacock, but i think that maybe the colors were to close to the grass color it was difficult to get a straight clean line around the I decided just to use a picture that had more contrast in it. For the elephant, you can see the original picture has wire in front of both of the elephants, I just used the clone stamp to get rid of that distraction.


"the night". Chicago, IL. 2010.10.28. canonpowershotsd750. 9:14pm.

To start, I opened my picture up in camera raw. I adjusted the saturation and tempature. After critiquing in class, I masked out a few extra lights that were shown in the building and I cropped the picture so it would look more complete. I chose this picture because I loved the lighting and contrast shown and I love Chicago. It capture my favorite part of Chicago, the night life.

Monday, November 1, 2010


"upside". Rexburg,ID. canonpowershotsd750. 01.11.2010. 8:11pm. 1/60sec. f/2.8.

"downtown". Chicago,IL. canonpowershotsd750. 28.10.2010. 8:00am. 1/400sec. f/2.8
"walking downtown."
for this photolusion, i wanted it to look like Ally was ruling the streets of Chicago by walking on her hands. I placed Ally's picture on top of the Chicago picture and then just masked out the former background of Ally and just left her. To prep the pictures I opened them both in camera raw and adjusted the clarity as well as saturation, blackness and vibrance.




"all packed". Rexburg,ID. canonpowershotsd750. 26.10.2010. 11:46pm. 1/4sec. f/2.8.

"Ms. Amy Freeze."Chicago,IL. canonpowershotsd750. 27.10.2010. 8:18pm. 1/60sec. f/4.0.

"Chicago".Chicago,IL. canonpowershotsd750. 28.10.2010. 9:14pm. 1/60sec. f/4.0.

"Elder Herrman". Chicago,IL. canonpowershotsd750. 29.10.2010. 12:44pm. 1/160sec. f/8.

"zoo". Salt Lake City,Ut. canonpowershotsd750. 30.10.2010. 11:55am. 1/160sec. f/4.9.

"tiger". Salt Lake City, Ut. canonpowershotsd750. 31.10.2010. 2:23pm. 1/125sec. f/4.5.

"girlies" Rexburg,ID. CanonpowershotSD750. 01.11.2010. 12:10am. 1/60sec. f/2.8.

I was in Chicago for the first three-ish days for this project. SO...I felt lucky to have more options of things to take pictures of. I went home for the rest of the weekend and was able to play with family over Halloween. I loved this project because there were no limits really. In each picture I adjusted the clarity, saturation, added blackness. I as well opened each picture in camera raw to do a few of the edits.
The template was harder for me to make. I didn't really have any theme as to my picture of the day, so I was a little unsure of how and where to place each picture. I am glad we had this opportunity to kind of prep us for our up coming book in which we will make new templates or use the ones we made for this project.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


"Red" CanonpowershotSD750. Rexburg,ID. 25.10.2010. 8:48am. 1/125sec. f/2.8.
This photo I opened in camera raw and adjusted the hue, saturation, blackness and clarity. I use tutorial number 11 for this picture.

"Bridge" CanonpowershotSD750. Rexburg,ID. 25.10.2010. 8:36am. 1/250sec. f/2.8
To begin I edited this in camera raw. I adjusted the blackness, clarity and saturation. I then opened it in photoshop and followed the tutorial for #10.

"leaves" CanonpowershotSD750. Rexburg,ID. 25.10.2010. 8:51am. 1/200sec. f//2.8.
For this photo I opened first in camera raw and adjusted the blackness, clarity and saturation. I then followed the tutorial number 9.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


This is my one scan. I just gathered a few things from my bedroom and took them to the scanner. Once it was scanned in, I just adjusted the saturation a bit.

"S" Epson Scanner. Rexburg, ID. 21.10.2010. 8:52pm

this is the beginning of my collage scan. i scanned three items. Then in photoshop I layered each item on top of this first one. I used the layering mask, to place and show the other parts of each item. At the end I edited with using some saturation, color balance and contrast.

"j" Epson Scanner. Rexburg,ID. 21.10.2010. 8:55pm.

"K" Epson Scanner. 21.10.2010. 8:57pm.

"D" Epson Scanner. Rexburg, ID. 21.10.2010. 8:58pm

Monday, October 18, 2010


pre photo enhancement

pre.replace color

"pre match color"
Match Color.
"the tracks" canonpowershotSD750. 17.10.2010. 7:08PM. 1/8secs. f/2.8.
Replace color.
"whit" canonpowershotSD750. 17.09.2010. 5:08pm. 1/80sec. f/ 3.5
Portrait enhancement.
"ally moo" canonpowershotSD750. 25.09.2010. 4:01pm. 1/320sec. f/2.8

I really enjoyed taking portraits. I wish I would have just taken more to have more to work with. I enjoyed learning how to whiten teeth, blemishes, changing color ect. It was exciting. I didn't change a bit the saturation and levels in each photo along with each of the editing of each we were asked to change.


"girls" canonpowershotSD750. 17.10.2010. 7:20pm. 1/8sec. f/2.8
"valpal" canonpowershotSD750. 17.10.2010. 7:18pm. 1/8secs. f/4.5

"flags" canonpowershotSD750. 14.10.2010. 8:47pm 1/8secs. f/4

"farmers" canonpowershotSD750. 15.10.2010. 6:17pm. 1/100seces. f/3.2

With each photo i adjusted a saturation and the clarity. I wish I would have taken more of the same photos so that I could have had more options to work with. Other than that, I really enjoyed taking groups portraits.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

panoramic view

"feels like home"


"Right". CanonPowerShotSD750. 10.10.2010. 4:46pm. f/8. 1/125sec.

"center" CanonPowerShotSD750. 10.10.2010. 4:46pm. f/8. 1/80sec.

"to the left" CanonPowerShotSD750. 10.10.2010. 4:46pm. f/8. 1/80sec.
When putting together the panoramic shot, I should have taken more than three pictures. I took a lot of different photos, but only in threes. I adjusted the saturation and levels a bit and the picture needed some cropping.

camera raw edit.

"Idaho" CanonPowerShotSD750. 29.09.2010. 9:37am. f/3.5. 1/40sec.

I took this picture last week in Dubois, but I wanted to see what it looked like using camera. I adjusted the black, clarity and vibrance.