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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

EDITS blog 3

"Pennies" 25.09.2010. 9:22AM. Rexburg,ID. f/9. 1/500secs.

For this picture I added a bubble-ish layer. I then used the mask for the sky so it still looks just as blue.

"Apples" 25.09. 2010. 4:10PM. Apple Orchard. f/8. 1/60sec.

For this filter effect I decided to use a the brush filter along with the wallpaper effect. I used the mask lightly on the focused apple.


  1. You did very interesting effects for your edits. I've never seen the "bubble-ish one before. Very neat. The brush filter on the apple makes for a nice piece of art!

  2. I love love love the apple picture. :) I think it was a really good picture to start off with and the effect just enhanced it.

  3. Beautiful light in your apple photo! I like the colors, the angle, and the blur. You are a great photographer. :)

  4. The colors look really good on these pictures. The apply had an interesting angle to it, too.

  5. The flowers edit is way neat! I like the filter you chose.