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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

blog 3 flora and fauna

"Saturday Morning" 25.09.2010. 9:10AM, Rexburg,ID. f/8. 1/800sec.
For this picture I liked the depth of field and the detial shown on this plant

"Summer" 25.09.2010. 9:25AM, Rexburg,ID, f/8, 1/500sec.
I love flowers. I thought this had a good focus and I enjoyed the background to this. I didn't use any editiing for this photo.

"Pretty Lady" 25.09.2010. 9:17AM. Rexburg,ID. f/8. 1/320sec.
This is a ladybug. I enjoyed the colors that are shown.

"Simple". 25.09.2010. 9:07AM. Rexburg, ID. f/8. 1/500sec.
I didn't use any editiing for this photo. I didn't think that it really needed it


  1. Kelsey, I really like your images. I especially like "Saturday Morning" and "Summer" because of the interesting background, and the sharp focus on the flora details.

  2. I love the purple spiky flower with the blurry silos in the background! It's beautiful!

  3. I liked all the shallow depth of field pics you had on this, they help bring in the subject!

  4. The shallow depth of field you used was really great. I love the lady bug photo. It's impressive how much color you got without using adjustments.