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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


"mom&b"30.10.2010. saltlakecity. canonpowershotsd750. 1:01pm. 1/320sec. f/4.0
Full cutout

"mr.cannon" 30.10.2010. saltlakecity. canonpowershotsd750. 12:06pm. 1/160sec. f/4.9.

partial cutout

I didn't do any editing with colors or contrast ect. with either of these photos before or after I applied the cutout effect. I tried for the partial cutout a different picture, it was a peacock, but i think that maybe the colors were to close to the grass color it was difficult to get a straight clean line around the I decided just to use a picture that had more contrast in it. For the elephant, you can see the original picture has wire in front of both of the elephants, I just used the clone stamp to get rid of that distraction.


  1. you did a great job on the cutout of the elephants. I like how you removed the bar or whatever it was from the photo.

  2. Awesome cutout ^__^ I love the last pictures, soooo cute!