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Monday, November 1, 2010




"all packed". Rexburg,ID. canonpowershotsd750. 26.10.2010. 11:46pm. 1/4sec. f/2.8.

"Ms. Amy Freeze."Chicago,IL. canonpowershotsd750. 27.10.2010. 8:18pm. 1/60sec. f/4.0.

"Chicago".Chicago,IL. canonpowershotsd750. 28.10.2010. 9:14pm. 1/60sec. f/4.0.

"Elder Herrman". Chicago,IL. canonpowershotsd750. 29.10.2010. 12:44pm. 1/160sec. f/8.

"zoo". Salt Lake City,Ut. canonpowershotsd750. 30.10.2010. 11:55am. 1/160sec. f/4.9.

"tiger". Salt Lake City, Ut. canonpowershotsd750. 31.10.2010. 2:23pm. 1/125sec. f/4.5.

"girlies" Rexburg,ID. CanonpowershotSD750. 01.11.2010. 12:10am. 1/60sec. f/2.8.

I was in Chicago for the first three-ish days for this project. SO...I felt lucky to have more options of things to take pictures of. I went home for the rest of the weekend and was able to play with family over Halloween. I loved this project because there were no limits really. In each picture I adjusted the clarity, saturation, added blackness. I as well opened each picture in camera raw to do a few of the edits.
The template was harder for me to make. I didn't really have any theme as to my picture of the day, so I was a little unsure of how and where to place each picture. I am glad we had this opportunity to kind of prep us for our up coming book in which we will make new templates or use the ones we made for this project.

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