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Thursday, November 11, 2010


"Streak."Rexburg,ID. 09.11.2010. 11:07pm. canonpowershotsd750. 1.0sec. f/2.8.
This is my moving light example. I had a hard time taking this because it was so cold outside and the only moving light I could think of was cars...I'm sure I would have gotten a better one if I had been in busier part of Rexburg...or anywhere else... The edits I did for this photo, I edited in camera raw and adjusted the blacks, brightness, contrast and clarity.

"please"Rexburg,ID. 09.11.2010. 11:06pm. canonpowershotsd750. 10.0sec. f/2.8.
This is another example of light painting. I added quite a few edits for this photo. I opened it in camera raw and added some exposure, recovery, fill light, blacks and clarity and took away some contrast. I just thought it looked better this way than the original photo.

"love"Rexburg,ID. 09.11.2010. 10:56pm. canonpowershotsd750. 10.0sec.f/2.8.
This picture is a demostration of light painting. The edits I did for this picture, I opened it up in camera raw and just adjusted the clarity and added a little bit of blacks.

"heart in motion" Rexburg,ID. 09.11.2010. 10:59pm. canonpowershotsd750. 3.2sec. f/2.8.
This is my camera in motion picture. I didn't do any editing to this picture, but I did rotate it. I kept trying to make a heart and every time I tried, all of the good hearts were upside I just rotated the pic!


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  2. I love this! I've seeen some pretty cool ones in the blogosphere. I've done this with my friends too! It's so much fun :]

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  4. lovely pics :)

  5. These remind me of the designs you can make with sparklers! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm looking forward to reading more of yours!

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  7. These are great photos! I see other commenters are wondering the same thing: how did you make these cool light designs?

  8. wow!! love the images! :D
    great blog!

  9. These photos are really cool! I'm following your blog. Thanks for reading mine! ;o)