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Monday, October 4, 2010

Bannack Photo HDR with edits

"Pipe". 29.09.2010. 9:50am. 1/5secs. f/2.8
This was taken using the CanonPowerShotSD750. This was taken in Dubois. I thought that after using the HDR editing, the coloring looked great.

After with HDR
"+2" 29.09.2010. 1:38pm. 1/125secs. f/2.8
This picture was taken with the CanonPowerShotSD750
"even" 29.09.2010. 1:37pm. 1/80secs. f/8
This picture was taken using the CanonPowerShotSC750.

"-2" 29.09.2010. 1:37pm. 1/320secs. f/8
This picture was taken using the CanonPowerShotSD750
I took this picture knowing that I would being using it for my HDR shot. I put my camera on a tripod and set it on a timer.


  1. I like your one shot, HDR edit the best. The HDR really brought in some nice colors on this image. Good work

  2. I love the pipe shot. The colors turned out really nice on it and I like the perspective in your photo. good work!

  3. ^^ agreed. The HDR really brought out the colors in the pipe. Looks great!