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Monday, October 18, 2010


pre photo enhancement

pre.replace color

"pre match color"
Match Color.
"the tracks" canonpowershotSD750. 17.10.2010. 7:08PM. 1/8secs. f/2.8.
Replace color.
"whit" canonpowershotSD750. 17.09.2010. 5:08pm. 1/80sec. f/ 3.5
Portrait enhancement.
"ally moo" canonpowershotSD750. 25.09.2010. 4:01pm. 1/320sec. f/2.8

I really enjoyed taking portraits. I wish I would have just taken more to have more to work with. I enjoyed learning how to whiten teeth, blemishes, changing color ect. It was exciting. I didn't change a bit the saturation and levels in each photo along with each of the editing of each we were asked to change.

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