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Monday, October 4, 2010

Macro Abstract

"cracks" 29.09.2010. 4:48pm. 10/400sec. f/2.8.
This picture was taken with a Sony DSC-H2. I just thought that this picture shows a lot of different kinds of texture.

"Macro Abstract" This is the blend of the two different pictures. I thought that the lighting showed well with my texture.
" Macro Texture" 29.09.2010. 1:54am. 10/50secs. f/2.8
This picture was taken with the Song DSC-H2. This was taken inside the church. It is the cushion of one of the chairs inside of the Chapel.

"Macro Bokeh" 29.09.2010. 12:50pm. 10/1250secs. f/3.5
This picture was taken as well with the SonyDSC-H2. I thought that the contrast between the wood and the barbwire was great.


  1. I like your macro shots. They are interesting, but I can't really figure out what they are.

  2. I think on the blend I would have masked out the wire. You tend to lose the detail of the wire in the blend. I like the texture blended with that image though.

  3. I love the first texture shot you took. Very unique colors...good work in capturing it!