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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

panoramic view

"feels like home"


"Right". CanonPowerShotSD750. 10.10.2010. 4:46pm. f/8. 1/125sec.

"center" CanonPowerShotSD750. 10.10.2010. 4:46pm. f/8. 1/80sec.

"to the left" CanonPowerShotSD750. 10.10.2010. 4:46pm. f/8. 1/80sec.
When putting together the panoramic shot, I should have taken more than three pictures. I took a lot of different photos, but only in threes. I adjusted the saturation and levels a bit and the picture needed some cropping.


  1. Panoramics are fun. I think having a few more pictures would have helped it blend together better, but it still looks good. Maybe you could have adjusted the colors so they all matched better, but great job.

  2. The field is neat. I can't believe how simple panos are in photoshop! I had never done it before. The matching light technique she showed us in class Tues might give you a perfect match for the grass. Good job.

  3. Great concept. I love the idea, but maybe just adjust the colors to blend a little bit better.

  4. Just like everybody else is saying, just adjust the colors. Overall great panorama