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Saturday, October 23, 2010


This is my one scan. I just gathered a few things from my bedroom and took them to the scanner. Once it was scanned in, I just adjusted the saturation a bit.

"S" Epson Scanner. Rexburg, ID. 21.10.2010. 8:52pm

this is the beginning of my collage scan. i scanned three items. Then in photoshop I layered each item on top of this first one. I used the layering mask, to place and show the other parts of each item. At the end I edited with using some saturation, color balance and contrast.

"j" Epson Scanner. Rexburg,ID. 21.10.2010. 8:55pm.

"K" Epson Scanner. 21.10.2010. 8:57pm.

"D" Epson Scanner. Rexburg, ID. 21.10.2010. 8:58pm

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  1. Kelsey..I love your one scan. Love the colors, composition, and the items you scanned! Overall just love it:) Nicely done!